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The Japan-ROK-U.S. Summit: Yoon's Initiation Party to the Anti-Asia and Pro-West Club(5)


Increasing danger of Korean war 2.0: The trilateral military alliance increases the danger of the second Korean War. Ever since Yoon took the power, he has been provoking North Korea in words and in actions. He mentioned his intention of undertaking the pre-emptive attack in addition to expanding scale of the ROK-US-Japan military exercises.

North Korea is angry and has been increasing the frequency and destructive power missile tests. Kim Yo-jong, second in command in North Korea said about Yoon Suk-yeol: "I don't like him as human being."

What is scaring is the possibility of Yoon's provocation of North Korea with small scale military attack in order to increase his falling approval rate knowing well that this can lead to the Korean War 2.0.


The danger of forming the trilateral military alliance among North Korea, China and Russia (NKCR): The Japan-ROK-U.S. military alliance (JKORUS) can accelerate the formation of NKCR which can lead to the exclusion of South Korea from the Eurasian economic block.

The future of the ROK economy will be determined by its integration into the Eurasian economic bloc not the Indo-Pacific economic bloc. Hence, the JKORUS can be a fatal factor of long-run stagnation of the ROK economy.


The increasing danger of the Japan's Holy War 2.0: There are several signs of the feasibility of Japan's ambition to dominate Asia and restore the Great Asia Co-Prosperity Sphere(GACPS)

•Yoon's defence of the Japanese colonialism: Japanese colonialism was beneficial to Korea; the crime of comfort women never took place, the slavery of Korea workers never happened

•The Japanese elite group is composed of the descendents of the elite group of former imperial Japan who ruled Asia. This group is represented by the Liberal Democratic Party (LDP) led by the Kishi Nobuske-Shinzo Abe line of political and business leaders whom I call as the Neo-Meiji-Reformation Group (NMRG)

• The existence of powerful pro-war think tank, the Japan Conference

• The creation of pro-war social climate: return of Shintoism

  and Bushido

• The persistence of Japanese complex of racial superiority of the elite group over Koreans and Chinese and the missionary conviction to enlighten Asians.

• The Japanese racial superiority complex and the mission to rule Korea and China had its origin in the famous speech of  Fukizawa Yukichi, founder of Keio University, "Good-by Asia" of 1885

• The persistent campaign to amend Article 9 of the 1948 Peace Constitution

• The 2015 law allowing Japan to join the war to help ally

• The plan of doubling Japanese defence budget in five years

• The trilateral military alliance allowing Japanese to find excuse to intervene in Korean military conflict.

• The trilateral military alliance allow Japan to use ROK military in Japan's Asia conquest.

• The possibility of the existence of the Biden-Kishida Agrement of 2023 similar to the Katsura-Taft Agreement of 1905 allowing Japan to annex Korea and letting the U.S to colonize the Philippines.


Already in South Korea, opinion makers are talking about the revival of the Japanese colonial government in Seoul.

It is now common belief that Yoon wants the revival of Japanese colonialism in Korea in order to protect himself and the PJCSK so that himself and members of the PJCSK can feel security and enjoy the wealth stolen from Koreans just like Lee wan Wong and has gang did under Japanese colonial rule of Korea from 1910 to 1945.




My first conclusion is that the tragic and catastrophic destruction of a country (South Korea) has happened due to the choice of a wrong leader whose actions are only for the protection of the stolen wealth and power for the PJCSK. The wrong leader is Yoon Suk-yeol.

Yoon knows nothing about economics, politics and diplomacy. He has spent all his professional life by arresting and imprisoning those who were critical about the corrupted culture of the PJCSK.

His policy decisions are affected by Shaman. His mother-in-law is in prison for frauds, bribes, blackmailing and other crimes. His wife has committed so many crimes deserving a very long imprisonment. But she is still free because of the corrupted prosecutors.

Yoon is psychopath and has absolute worship for the strong. Biden is the strong; Japan is the strong. That is why he worships Biden and Kishida.


Let me repeat this. Yoon is coward who is afraid of Koreans and seeks refuge in Japan-dominated Korea. In other words, he wishes for the return of Japanese colonial power to Korea in which he may feel secure and in which he can exploit Koreans to become richer, more powerful and more comfortable just like Lee Wan-yong , the traitor, did in 1910.


My second conclusion is about Kishida and Biden. These two leaders know who and what Yoon is and, nonetheless, lured him to sign the cursed trilateral military alliance.

I am just wondering how far Biden and Kishida can go in using stupid Yoon to destroy South Korea. Don't they have any sense of guilt? One would expect a little decency and compassion, if they are really world leaders.


Besides, South Korea is an ally of Japan and the U.S. Is it ethical to treat an ally in this way?


My third conclusion is about the anti-humanity behaviour of Biden and Kishida.

Biden is obsessed by the idea of destroying Asia led by China.

Kishida is infatuated with imperialist dream of conquering again Korea and Asia.

The sad thing is that Biden's obsession and Kishida's dream will lead to global East-West war in which nobody is winner.

It will speed up the end of the humanity which has already started because of human greed, perpetual wars and man's savage and irrational handling of the God-given nature.

I hope that the leadership in South Korea will change soon so that the dangerous military alliance can be broken. The mass movement for Yoon's impeachment is getting strength. Bonne chance to the impeachment fight! (끝).



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