Golfers who struggle with chipping make the setup too complicated. They've been told to take an open stance, set their weight forward, play the ball back, and lean the shaft toward the target. That's a lot of information to apply without making a mistake.

As I'm showing in the left photo here, playing the ball back often causes you to lean away from the target. This shifts your weight back, even though you feel as if it's on your front foot. Now the shaft leans forward excessively. The leading edge is going to stick in the ground and produce a low shot that runs too hard.

Instead, set up square with a middle ball position. Now you can feel relaxed with good posture. To confirm that your weight is forward, raise your back heel off the turf. Set the toe of your back shoe in line with the heel of your front shoe (above, right). Your spine should be vertical, even a touch toward the target.

Practice from this heel-up position. You'll be surprised how pure you strike it.